"Creativity takes courage"

- Henri Matisse

I have certainly learned a great deal, and I will especially look at/appreciate watercolours and acrylic paintings differently in future. I also notice and see colour with a sharper delight. - James G

Have loved the course. Your great methods of teaching have enabled me to overcome a lot of my fears about art. Thank you so much. - Jan T

Lynn is brilliant! I can’t believe how much I have learned in 10 lessons! I can now enjoy art so much more!

- Joy A

After just eight weeks of wonderful art classes, I have the confidence to try painting and drawing for myself with a sense of belief that I can produce something I can be proud of. How did you turn an initial dislike of acrylics into a love in just three weeks? Learning to paint has made me view the world a little differently, appreciating the colours of everyday things we take for granted. Thank you Lynn for all your guidance, enthusiasm and confidence in me. - Sheila W

Thank you for the past 10 weeks, which has been very enjoyable.  I have gained some valuable knowledge which I'm sure I will put to good use and, who knows, one day I might produce that elusive masterpiece. - Jon P

Thank you for the past few weeks, which have been most enjoyable and instructive. - Denise H

Lynn is one of the most honest people I know. She’s real and reliable, trustworthy and committed to people and causes she cares about. When she says she will do something she will do just that; it’s on this ground that I would encourage anybody who wants to embark on this journey to trust that they would not be disappointed.

- Jo H

I am notoriously bad at portrait drawing however, my first attempt went better than I thought!!

Lynn made it a lot of fun and helped me to take myself less seriously and to be pleased with my attempts. I spent a lot of time chatting to others I hadn't met before the night and we all had a relaxed time laughing challenging and sharing together. It actually made me want to do more art during the week! - Joshua T

The Art Night was really good. I enjoyed my time with the group learning portrait drawing techniques.

The event was professionally held and I felt really welcomed. I would definitely recommend it to people who want to develop their drawing skills and just come and have a fun evening. - Krista M

Lynn hosted a fundraiser event 'Drawing a Portrait'. It was a fun way for first-timers to discover their hidden talent, also enjoyable for those with some experience. the tutor demonstrated step-by-step on an easel the proportions of a face - making it easy to follow. Then encouraged us to add character to our own drawings. It was a most enjoyable, relaxed and fun time. - Mary H